Was thinking and wanted to say smth about the current state of the game

Jungle has now to much freedom to gank,so that means less 1v1 on top and mid,for bot its still ok i think. Cuz of that riot now wants us to be a team,but everyone has an idea how the game should be played,so in some way no one is wrong or every is wrong,as crazy as it sounds. Its A teamwork game now,but i cant explain to my jungler when to come and if his coming now,its futile cuz i have no mana for example. So ofc u would ping him but he will just come on lane and the whole enemy team wil see him,where he is on the map. In this situation i m on mid and i cant tell my graves not come to gank,cuz i have no mana or he has a shadow and it wil not work,as it will work on lv 6 for example. What graves did in this one game was he came on lane after every camp,cuz of that one miscomunication,where i had no mana and i writed i m going B,he ddint see the ping and he bascily died to bot,jungler and midlaner who just came on lane.; It sems some people dont understand when u can invade and when u can not. He ddint understand that if helped him i would waist time and midlaner will have more time to push the lane and i will in return lose gold and exp. All cuz he never puted himself in my shoes. it seems this kind of people play only jungle and dont get how lane works. when to push,when to go b,,when ping for a gank,if its poss,when to ward,when u have no r,but he stil comes and wont understand that if he comes he will just show himself to to map and he wil give valuable info to the enemy team. What i m tryin to say is if riot is tryin to bring this game more TEAMWORK based,then do an update and let us voice,let us see if it will work. I can bet u that most people,cuz this is eune,wil have tough time speaking,also i as 24 old person,i m enough old to know whos mature and whos not,only a fool will let himself go in rage and start blaming,thats why say that most people will just stfu and play the game,while using voice in RANKED. Ofc there will be assholes who will have something to say to u,but u have mute button,so u ll speak with those who are wiling to co-perate with u and u with them. slways flames u cuz he %%%d up and wont admit,u as a team will mute him and it ll be to him if he wants to coperate later when tfs start or u lose,but at least u did what u could. Currently there are a lot of new people tryin to learn the game,i as plat player,was once diamond,have a lot of exp,so playin currently in gold,as midlanerit isnt tough cuz of my experiance and my game knowlege over 15k games,almost 9 years of playin. i see that a lot of people dont know how to play their champs to their fulest cuz they ddint invest a lot of time,but whats fuuny they lock in soloq and play that champ after only 50 games of it. 50 games isnt enough for a player who has played only 1 years 3 year. it is enough when u learn thw whole games as a player/vetearn, There are ofc people with talant and get the game after 2-3 years. PROPS to them,hands down,i have meet those people and they are beasts,trust me,ofc when they play the game,haha :) When ui learn to play the game,u start to get a feeling inside the game,so u instanly know oh we lose 2v2 on mid fall back,most people wil just go 2v2 and not even thinking they lose. And so the blame starts in,rage mode goes in,one of them wont put aside their ego and so the game is over 10 min into the game. u and i have seen this situation so many times,but it keeps up showing again and agai and again,untill some1 goes afk, afk farm, etc. If u r reading this and u know that u blamed some1 cuz of that lv 3 gank,nevermding if ur a laner or a jungler,u should just say ok,i fkd up,now i gona buy words to prtoect my jungle or lane vision for the urself this time as midlaner etc.. Today i had this graves who pinged at me stole my farm and exp on mid lane,only cuz of that one invade where i said to him i m OOM. Then in pinged him,he ddint listen so he died. And then i literaly saw him pinging at that moment i went to tab and muted him,untill the game was over. i won the game cuz when Akali goes snowballing there no stoping her as u know. I only muted through the game my jung and botlane whos been arguing about why no ganks,why wont graves come. I havent muted Akali cuz he was focused as i was too and knew that we can still win. Well graves had a choise,to be greedy,be an ashole,never grp up and lose or grp and try to win. But the problem lies here,whole game i could feel his ego,his anger towards me and botlane,all cuz he ddint control his emotions enough. he ddint set aside his ego and his pride as a graves with skin(mafia ghraves). If u wonderinjg what i was playin i was playin brand,what can is say i wana get out of gold as fats as possible. I would rly help if riot would consider this,but i doubt it and i know people were speaking about this. But i had tom say something as a league player. I truly love this game,ofc we all raged,we all were given restrictions and we learned,some never do doe. I now look foward to the new lores,story that have yet to be said and seen. Thats the only thing positive that i can say about the game. One day would like to see RIOT making rpg games similar or not similar to WOW. sO I CAN explore,Ionia,demacia,Noxus,Pilotover,Shurima,Bilgewater for those who like being a pirate arr matey xD And ofc my fav Feljord as native sloven and serbian i cant deny my roots. My intention was to rise an awareness about this basic stuff,also about being an aahole and not tryin to see a bigger pic in the game now when i see people arguing i remember,OHOHOH the good old days,when i was stil a NAB,who ddint know a single damn thing,it was like lv1 rpg player,tryin to learn the game and explore its roots and its horizonts. It was quite the ride,ups and downs,trails and failures,meeting new people on skype,teamspeak yes damn teamspeak like a toki voki experiance xD Asembling a rank team with ur friends at the end of the year,hiting gold,plat. Watching the good old LCS,Gambit! famous Darien with his renekton zonias style,no giving a %%% in the world,diamondporxx,who invented jungle pathing and its invades etc. Alex ich damn that as a good kha and ryze player. Genji Edward dynamic botlane as well as Edward the tresh prince,Genji the so called surviver adc,invented Tear on varus and now every uses it. thats was my fav team back in eu lcs. ofc was a tsm fan,not anymore,the old veterans have moved on and prob for the better. Oceote from Sk known for his NIDA mid one shoots,WICKD irelia,froggen the frog anivia man. Riot is in diff situation now,they have turned in the wrong direction,they set off the their course,their ship hanst still seen land,they are still circling around tryin to find their course back home. They prob need some help from GP tho xD If u ask me they have lost their way,they have puted aside their comunity that MADE them what they are today and can bet cuz i know a lot of high elo player in eune at least,that riot havent given enough credit and apreciation to their old community,to old veterans like me and many more. This was once heaven for me ,where i could express my self,speak chat joke with the community,but not anymore :( Cuz peoople in real life ddint understand what truly means to be a league player. How many of my IRL friends dont play,never seen again,my close frinds play stil but lesser as time goes by,me too,dont forget about me tho xD Ah but that what means to grow up and move on. I wanted to prezent this in sarcatic,funny way,with some edzy,serious style. IT doesnt matter who feed,who got penta,who got first blood,who failed to smite a baron. If the community has turned against its own player. Than we have a serious problem here. lET ME tell u idea that i came up with I imagine riot as owner and wer are their workers,we work on a field. Instead of them giving us water to drink while working we suffer from dexydration,we ask Riot for water,they reply sorry but u have to pay for it,in order to drink it,but why when we are working?! We are giving our time in order to learn how to play the game,suffer trough great loses and wins in order become a experiance player,some may be only casual,some pros. But we all invest time tho. So we experianced player expect something in return like a skin for hiting plat/diamond,but NOOOOOO NOO nO THE END of the season rewards,rewards for playin their game. i have recently meet so maany people thourh discord who are still new,who are playi this game over 3*-4 years and they beleive this so called system is ok? NAA its not and u will realise it in time,as i did. i often like to say this game was first and last moba for me,first love and last love,joy and a curse in so many ways. i as a player dont care about icons or wards. Lets be real the only thing now keeping us playin is buying more skins,right? I have not invested a single dinar-euro in this game, cuz i knew whqat kind of system they used in order to have larger community. Thhey have abused the thing called FREE TO PLAY ONLINE GAME-LEAGUE OF LEGENDS or how i like to call it LEAGUE OF FARMS/OWNR AND FARMERS aND I As a league of legends player have right to say to riot NO king rules forever my son. No empire has survived forever Everything has an end in life But i will not watch League fall as a LEAGue player,but as A BYSTANDER If u truly,TRULY want to help this game be better,then what u should do is cease buyin their products and they will overthink if they made a right choise again. Speak with ur wallets and not with ur words,they wil no listen to u who are posting this,cuz they do not care at all andf will abuse this fact,so long as u keep buyin. WE need DEEDS! not words! And trust me when they get out of fuel(money) They will.. listen,trust me. Try again,fail again,fail better-Samuel Becket. I m not tryin to rant here or get into crazy modee vs riot,i m just raizing peoples self awareness,better buy urself something or buy ur friend,family something or buy smth to a stranger,trust me u will feel better,beter then buyin a skin and sayin after a few games like my friend,ah ok..meh.. :) i dont need now skins as a veteran player,now its to late,riot has lost so many oold player its funny,ye there is new hope new people,but what i see is,its stillin bad shape and it needs a huge overhaul and a lot of effort,time and money to fix this game. urs truly Evidence I see u,i m always here, prezent and will be watching from aside as u write ur new adventures in the future,nevermind the result.(in general tho).
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