the platinum elo at its highest.

hello there i want to to discuss something , i was diamond last season blah blah i ended up playing on my other account i started playing the provisionals while last season d4 from g3 i mean 2 whole divisions down anyways i had no problem at first then i remembered what platinum holds on eune. how can guys have low IQ and actually climbing the game since i've played the game from iron to diamond on s9 in my other account i discovered that basically even if silver elo makes a lot of mistakes they are actually trying to climb the ladder they are trying to win how is it that a silver player can understand the phrase dont push your lane the enemy jungle is coming and the platinum cannot? i mean sure i do understand i had some bad games n stuff but i had that on 5 game streak what is wrong with this game? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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