What am I doing wrong?

Title. I'm stuck in bronze 2 and threatening to drop to Bronze 3 as I'm now on 0 LP. Anyone else having trouble climbing out of bronze this year? Last season I spent 2 weeks in bronze (B5-S5) and climbed to S1 by the end. Rito put me in Bronze 2 and I thought, 'fine, I'll climb.' No. I don't know what else I can do. This isn't another "my team sucks" post or anything like that - just, what do people do on losing streaks? I tend to play a few and if I lose a couple I stop ranked for that day - this is because I've gone on 6 loss streaks and the like before. Now, however, i'm afraid I've tanked my MMR so hard that it seems like I'm paired with the dregs of bronze and I'm against low-mid silvers. I understand I need to win more to get my MMR up, but I can't win when I consistently lose games to bad decision making. Last game (just) I won lane through constant 400 ms, yet I got a 3-17 Taliyah who said 'this champ is so hard.' I mean, this is ranked. The thing is, I have no idea when going into ranked if I'll get a competent team or not, so I never know if it's a "good time" to try ranked. But honestly, I just feel like giving up. I'm not perfect, by any means, but I'm actually sick to the teeth of losing for the same reasons over and over. I'm at my wit's end with this season already, I just can't win a game to save my life, no matter what I do. I'm a jungle main so often I'll fill the team and lock tanks if we need to etc. but I've noticed no one cares about team building in bronze. Also, the amount of flamers/toxic/%%%%heads is unbelievable and I'm also sick of trying to defuse situations and calm people down. Again, I'm not perfect, but I'm definitely not a bronze player. I'm a high silver/low gold player. I never flame, I play correctly, I pick correctly, I ward, I'm patient, I farm, I'm map aware, I make objective calls, and I know not to chase enemies into a %%%%ing blind jungle, yet I'm paired again and again with laners who frankly cannot hold lanes. I know I have a lot to learn, but I'm not playing badly enough to warrant a loss almost every time I play. I'm 20% of the team, but I'm no where near bad enough to be the sole reason I'm losing. Am I having horrendous luck? Do I just start a new account? It's unbelievable the teammates I get, I don't think I can even explain them to you, and it's every game without fail. I win lane almost every time and still lose. I'm trying really hard to not be the guy who blames the team and who hates on teammates but I really don't know what I'm doing wrong or what I can do to improve my luck. I cannot for the life of me win games recently. Is my MMR that bad? Am I just shit? Do I just need a good run of lucky teammates to get my MMR back to respectable shape? People say if you're good enough, over time you'll improve and climb eventually. Can you reliably though, really? When a 3-16 player still thinks it's reasonable to walk around the enemy jungle without vision? I'm trying so hard to stay patient but I just can't hold it together any more. League is one of my favourite games but I'm just not having fun this season at all.. I win almost every normal I play but every time I press ranked I lose. I've got probably a 40% WR so far - I'm usually around 55-60. TL,DR; about to give up on ranked this season as it's a lost cause. As embarrassing as it is, is anyone else having trouble climbing out of bronze this season? Also, sorry for the bad structure of this, I was trying to get my thoughts on paper and saying things as they popped into my head. I guess what I reall wanna ask is how to do I deal with feeders/flamers and carry lanes and get wins? If someone wants to add me, spectate, and give me pointers on how to deal with these kinds of players that would be super cool. Is there a way to boost MMR without playing ranked? I don't wanna be that guy but I feel like I'm playing with people below my skill level and I can't win, but I need to get my MMR up so I get paired with good players. It feels like a miracle if I get someone who can hold their lane and it's just getting tiresome now. Finally, apologies if I seemed salty. I'm not a ragey guy at all but recently these games have just tested my patience and I'm about ready to give up entirely and just play different games.
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