So I just had a nice toxic experience....

So not a proper discussion, but you can prolly share your fun memories you value, too. So I decided to test the new Skarner in a normal game. So this s4 Silver Tryndamere, aparrently duoqing with our Vayne decides that he wants to start raptor camp. I ask him not to because I want a full clear. He then proceeds saying I should start blue and gank top at level 3. I then explain to him that since I'm playing an autoattack based champion, it is better for me to start golems and do a full clear. He gets mad about this, and instead of helping me with the golems he still takes the raptors. I obviously get a bad start at the jungle, but proceed doing the full clear. I have to b 3 camps before I normally would have because I didn't get the level 1 camp which would've given me a level 3 from clearing the upper jungler, and hence a better sustained and faster lower jungle clear. I didn't get a perfect start, but I'm trying to cope with it, and manage to get our Annie a kill when I hit 6, by dragging the enemy Riven to her. Now the Tryndamere, who for whatever reason is angry at me starts flaming me nonstop calling me "trash" and throwing out a few gems out in the chat like; "Skarner you should shove your diamond up your ass" and stuff like that. On top of flaming me he decided to take all the camps he could to deny me from stacking my devourer. To which I responded by buying a couple of wards and getting my stacks from the enemy jungle. However, this hurt our team enough to actually have no chance at winning it. So this is the 1st game in a good while (apart from the one I played earlier in the day) that I've played on my main, and the experience obviously was not pleasant. Just felt like sharing. Yeah... Time to go back to csgo. Edit: Oh forgot to mention... Apparently I should also "get canser"... Whatever that means :D Edit: Funny enough, this player was obviously not chat restricted, since he kept talking shit about me in the all-chat. Good times.
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