Flamer and troll needs a punishment.

Hello. Today I had a problem with a player. What happened was as it follows. I go to play draft pick and I was 3rd pick this person was 4th. We were both given to choose a champion and in the beginning I wrote in chat that I'm support but then after a while they wrote "no i supp" and instalocked Janna just as I was about to pick my champion. I had to be either jungle or adc, which are roles that I can't play and I asked this person why did they do that since I'm the first to pick of us two but they kept being rude. I had to go adc and told them that I can't farm very well and I'm a bad carry, but I'll still try, so I asked them not to be rude to me. Of course as the game began, so did the trolling. They kept trying to take my farm, didn't help me at all, didn't use a single shield all game to protect me and kept calling me "idiot" and said "you can't farm noob". I couldn't stand them, they were extremely annoying with all the verbal abuse and I tried to respond to them in a sarcastic way and keep my chill but they took it seriously and continued the abuse, troll and feed. At one time I even used my heal to save us both, but they stayed and died on purpose, of course. I asked in all chat to report Janna for trolling and flaming and the Janna player kept spamming "cry" in all chat, which really got on my nerves. I guess the other player playing as Vi jungle was their friend, because they kept flaming me as well and protected Janna. In the end of the game we lost of course, because Janna kept feeding and I couldn't even try to carry because they kept trying to take the farm, by hitting the minions, didn't protect me, etc.. I reported them for verbal abuse with a little paragraph explaining why but Riot haven't reacted to my report yet. I think this player needs a punishment because of their behavior and trolling which lead us to Defeat. This is a screenshot of the end results so you can see their names and everything: http://prikachi.com/images/151/8313151t.png Edit: My apologies, this happened in EUNE server, I didn't notice I wrote this in the EUW boards.
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