Trolling in rankeds at the end of the season

Hello fellow summoners, From last 6 games i experienced 3 troll picks or "mid"->instalock at last pick, i played in gold V without jungler, next time adc.... etc. This is not normal, people are just "Riot never do something about it" and it seems its true, there should be hard punishment for such a behavior, there is no way to carry yourself alone if 50% of your games will end like this, why i cant even post these trolls in forums? why not? people could be afraid that people will known them as bad players and wont play with them, am I the only one who feels that riot is just trying to get money of this game nowadays and doing nothing for better community? Wherever you look, everyone will tell you that LoL have worst community. I hope that someone can proove me wrong, and please, dont tell me that they wont get rewards etc... they did it like.. 2 times?? and then nothing... thats another proof that riot is doing nothing about such behavior in rankeds
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