Troll Picks in Champion Select

So this morning I wanted to play some ranked league of legends. I queue up to see I have midlaner lee sin who wants to go jungle, our jungler didnt want to swap. Lee sin goes mid, (i don't mind) but he goes smite lee sin. Clearly trolling us because he didn't get his preferred role. So I dodge that game. I wait 5 Minutes, queue up again. To see this time I have a Janna Mid with Cleanse and Ghost. Saying that swain (opponent champion) is in promos and needs a win. So I get 5 minutes later another troll in champion select, luckily someone else dodged this time. For me this is unacceptable this happens in champion select, especially two times in a row. So I made a print screen of this Janna trying to make a report against her since she is holding us hostage in a game. I want to send in a ticket only to see this: > Summoner not found in your past 20 games. You can only report players whom you have played games with. So holding people hostage in queue games is not reportable anymore? And don't get me started with the amount of trolls in any other ranked game.
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