Riot ur banning system is fucked up.

So i was just in a game with a troll on the team who was like 0/38 and one of the opponents kept killing her over and over (the rest of their team was actually sportsman enough not to kill her) also after the game screen 2 people on the opponent team started flaming me and the jax on my team, then i get banned for no reason. Heres the chat log rito sent me. Can u tell what of this is flaming!??! seriously why is this banning system so fkin broken? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ wtf is this spamming a no cost spell wtf as usual im not eve nsurprised anymore report vayne kill he and i report u ty nvm hes reported true just sop sto p x9 fiddle and vanyne he wont rito only bans innocent players fiddle u are brozne 5 i hope u get banned ? fiddle and vayne only. fiddle x9 . still undefeated on ekko, always will be i guess. yh who else? fiddle come 1v1 u would lose even with those kills cus of uyh trash stop killing the troll try me instead? nah i though so and fiddle mostly fiddle hes worse than vayne tbh thats how bad he is fiddle i hope u get permban u deserve it because he kill her ove r nd over hes bronze 5 and will remain bronze 5 forever u are reported aswell u dont end of story nope im telling the trunt truth in english pls indeed nope hes just botlane lol nah not morde he killed bayne twice vayne u should be like 1/5 atm fiddle.

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