i got tyler1ed, now look at the chatlogs and look at game2 and tell me what do you think

Game 1 TrollSup: dont worry i camp him TrollSup: i gank lvl 2 top TrollSup: go to lane dude TrollSup: i gank him lvl 2 TrollSup: take what u want TrollSup: man TrollSup: u are fkn bad TrollSup: gg TrollSup: i wll come again tho TrollSup: ok gj TrollSup: i will camp him anywy he has no flash now TrollSup: i know TrollSup: no its not TrollSup: xD TrollSup: graves bot TrollSup: renekton come herald TrollSup: haha well the joke´s on you TrollSup: i wish i could jungle for myself while playing mid or top TrollSup: 4 bot TrollSup: ineedfarm u guys ar fed enough TrollSup: ure just throwing like noobs u are TrollSup: u have 9 kills and u still go for another kill instead go for tower TrollSup: ure jsut rash TrollSup: thats what i mean TrollSup: no matter what lane i go TrollSup: always idiots in league of legends TrollSup: now we have so umuch gold, but we wont push 1 tower because this is low silver and u guys re just to damn bad TrollSup: good question dude TrollSup: nothing its the same shit TrollSup: stop what mate u have fkn 7 kills go and win the game TrollSup: allready TrollSup: mid TrollSup: hahaa TrollSup: u watch boxerpete? TrollSup: whatever TrollSup: because i dont care TrollSup: uwont carry anyone syndra TrollSup: u can have 1000 more kills u wont carry TrollSup: im not inting i just play hte game TrollSup: i jsut go in TrollSup: tht all TrollSup: haha TrollSup: easy game mate TrollSup: :) TrollSup: watch replay TrollSup: there u ahve all answers TrollSup: hihi TrollSup: i go in TrollSup: i dont back of TrollSup: i go mid and i go in i dont wait TrollSup: gg easy Game 2 TrollSup: x TrollSup: nice dmg kled thats actaully sick TrollSup: i thought u give blue TrollSup: mb TrollSup: im trying to winhere i dont care what u think TrollSup: i play 100 times better then you nocturne TrollSup: i did see the map TrollSup: its ok to die 5 times its not hte end of the world TrollSup: and its not a reason to tilt so much in silver 1 TrollSup: same with you illoi TrollSup: what do you think u arent gonna get ganked u push 15 minutes into nasus TrollSup: and then wonder why get ganked TrollSup: botlane is 0 7 by the way TrollSup: and u blame me TrollSup: i know i die while pushing well shit happens kled hard dmg TrollSup: but i try to do somehting TrollSup: and its fine TrollSup: 5 deaths isnt the end of the world EDIT1: Interesting how the majority of you just straight ignore game 2 where i got false reported and that led to a permaban. Hipocrites as always, i bet the majortiy here accusing me of beeing toic are silver support mains who cant put a ward down properly.
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