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{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} _Just played a game with an Anivia Support who claimed that they had taken control of the original users account without prior permission. Hacked them, basically. and was now going to grief, troll and generally cause hell so that the account and whatever time and resources put into it are wasted, banned and locked out forever all for the sake of being petty_ _Unsurprisingly, with an anivia blocking escape routes, nudging people out of their TP's and Recalls and stealing farm and jungle mobs just to slow down our team, we lost the game._ _Because of the claim i have Copy and Pasted the Transcript pre-game and would now like further input. Should i inform Riot via ticket that this person may have hacked an account for insidious purposes and may do so again (in which case i suspect police would need to be involved) or is there a direct line to Riot which i should bring this to, such as a support desk or the like._ **On a side note**: I'm finding the overwhelming abundance of lower tier trolls an abominable nuisance. Afk'ers, outright feeders and those with a mind perpetually in the gutter are becoming too much of a common sight and i feel the current reporting system is insufficient to deal with them considering how many one can find. I can barely claw my way to a promo without some moron with a grudge ruining MY game because some wukong 8 games back decided to go 0/50 to an adc soraka or for some other petty reason. There was a time when i had clawed my way out of Bronze and into silver 5 only to find the trolls there doing the same. Needless to say i went beyond tilt and ended up in bronze 5 again with a severe desire to punch one or two of these hateful little idiots in the back of the head... with the business end of a ball-peen hammer... twice. With the current state of Ranked and having a mixture of high and low tier players intermingling i'm beginning to see this as a death knell for LoL considering good players will be dragged down by players with poor attitudes or poor communications skills beyond "GG i got KS'd i go feed" And considering how Riot has lied before about various aspects of the game ~~Ranked dominion to name one~~ how can we, the League community be assured that someone in the upper echelons of Riot is going to get off thier backsides to do something rather than just shrugging it off to promote more skins, more modes that we'll only see for a day or two once in a blue moon or some arbitrary garbage such as this most recent League of Draven mode that has ruined URF for a good many members of this gaming community? I'm not going to make the facetious threat of leaving, frankly i find the game annoyingly addictive and doubt anything short of dousing my PC in icewater will prevent me coming back, but i cant help but wonder what is going to be the last straw for many players. Riot there is only so much your playerbase will take in the form of abuse. Lying to us, your players, your lifeblood, and letting things slip to the degree where you cant spend 10 minutes browsing the forums without hearing the same complaints several times over is not simply going to disillusion your fanatics and push them to other mediums like... Dota *ugh* but will leave many players on Youtube, Twitch and various other streaming services telling players why they should Avoid League. We have the most abhorrent community out there... and frankly you're not helping.
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