I got 14 Days ban because of the game's system misunderstanding

https://i.imgur.com/2EZELDU.png Seriously how fair is this? I was playing a game where we had an Udyr who spammed at me "%%%" because I failed my early game, then he went to all chat and started telling them that I am trolling and flaming. I simply Replied like this : "[All]RelentlessOutläw: i litterally said nothing he is spamming "%%%" on me" and also in the late game i said "[All]RelentlessOutläw: please report him for spamming "%%%" on me" I didn't even understand the meaning of that until one of the other players told me that it means "kill yourself" and if I report him he will get banned for that but it was me who got the 14 days ban instead and he's still playing freely and didn't even get punished. for the whole game I never said a single curse or racist word or any kind of words that are covered as "****". I have contacted the support and I hope they will fix this issue. Seriously the game system have an instant ban trigger for these 3 letters combination? even if it's not meant or out of the context?? don't you think this is not logic at all? **Edit: Riot support responded to me , and said I am no longer banned since the system triggered the ban for the wrong reason, I got chat restriction instead it seems fair enough to me. I want to thank you for the advices that you all provided to me and I will try my best to me more calm in the future.**

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