Im sick and Tired of my teammates Silver hell

Lately in this game I just can't climb and im not saying that I do everything right but seriously my team is hell. Or they feeding their ass off or they just afk. In the last 10 games i had 2 games were we win the early game and people just go afk. So we lose. I feel like i can't get better because the reason I lose is most of the time out of my hands. For example what can you do when your toplane feeds 0/4 in 6 mins and leaves the game. (Reporting doesnt give me lp) Or when your botlane come 1/18 out of lane. I know typing this won't make the game better because there is nothing they can or will do about this hell. The only reason I am still playing this horrible team depending game is because. This is the first game I ever played where I can't get in the top 1000. Which is tilting me so hard. And I feel I can't progress because the reason we lose and the opponents are always the same. I win lane. Lose game. So it doesnt push me to play better if you just get oneshotted by their toplaner or if their Adc can 3 hit you. ' Btw I consider myself atleast gold and when I play with friends who are diamond and plat it isn't really a problem either although this blindpick. Thanks for listing to my RAGE. Any tips always welcome.
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