Never playing ranked again in my life...

Demoted again to bronze 2,qutiing ranked just going to play normlas,it is so cancer to play in this elo hell,look at my last two games with sion ,just look at them last game riven mid goes 2 15 against morgana,our adc 4 10,jax tries to 2v5 with me but we fail,game before that thersh support goes 1 14 and ezreal adc has 53 farm with kda 2 10our mastter yi jg goes 1 11,i cant belive how bad players are sometimes,this happens in 70 percent of the games i am so mad i flamed all of these people bcs i just cant take it anymore,i know i am not a good player i too feed sometimes but i always apologize and feel bad about it,these people thought it was soo funny calling me and jax crybabies,i am so tilted...There you go now again tell me it is easy to carry and climb out of low elo and that is my own fault i am stuck here and i cant climb,riot needs to do something about this,reported all fo those people from last two games but we all know nothing is not going to be done about that beacuse riot cant fix these problems and doesnt care about low elo...

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