I'm banned

Hi so i got banned literally just now and i think the punishment is too hard. I got banned for calling 1 person in 1 game a noob and a idiot, ONE and i got permanently banned. Yes, i know what i did was wrong but the punishment was WAY toooo strong, maybe a permanent mute or a week or two ban but forever? I called him an idiot and noob because he was basically afk, standing behind me as a tank and doing nothing, not even harassing or damaging anything. I am deeply sorry and i've spent £300+ in the past 3 months on league and i really love it, i really don't want to be banned. I love this game and i will 100% be reformed and have learnt my lesson. I'm literlly almost crying, The first game i was toxic, i can't disagree with that but not as bad as some people, Some people swear, are racist and homophobic and dont get banned.. For the second game i was having a really bad day. "Oh thats your fault we all have bad days you deserve ban" yes i understand that but i even said sorry at the end and honored him as a way to say sorry. When i flamed him i was saying useful tips that could potentially make him better. I am deeply sorry and if i get unbanned i will continue recommending, buying skins and playing the game. League is life. Game 1 ALittleUnique: pls win lane ALittleUnique: teemo ALittleUnique: force him to use smite or steal ALittleUnique: we couldve 2v1'd him ALittleUnique: but u went back ALittleUnique: malphite you know your a tank rite? ALittleUnique: malphite ALittleUnique: why do u stand behind me ALittleUnique: your tank ALittleUnique: this malphite stay behind me ALittleUnique: wtf ALittleUnique: and ALittleUnique: support death < adc death ALittleUnique: auto filled? ALittleUnique: omg ALittleUnique: why ALittleUnique: this malphite is actually retarted ALittleUnique: why do u run after morgana ALittleUnique: and not go for jhin ALittleUnique: idiot ALittleUnique: i dont even play support and i know this ALittleUnique: you literlly ALittleUnique: stand behind me ALittleUnique: and your tank ALittleUnique: gg ALittleUnique: malphite ALittleUnique: just go roam or something ALittleUnique: your useless bot ALittleUnique: you just leach xp ALittleUnique: and your not even good at it ALittleUnique: this malphite is taking cs ALittleUnique: go on ALittleUnique: i dont want u here ALittleUnique: nice ALittleUnique: malphite ALittleUnique: gtfo bot ALittleUnique: u are literlly just leaching xp ALittleUnique: you dont harass ALittleUnique: your bad at warding ALittleUnique: u dont peel ALittleUnique: whats the point having u bot ALittleUnique: nice peel ALittleUnique: malphite go away from bot lane ALittleUnique: your bad ALittleUnique: i will ALittleUnique: because i'm behind ALittleUnique: its gg ALittleUnique: this malphite ALittleUnique: is so bad ALittleUnique: at support ALittleUnique: auto filled? ALittleUnique: LMAO ALittleUnique: HAHAHAHHHA ALittleUnique: you main support ALittleUnique: why are you so bad at it? ALittleUnique: what does it look like i'm doing ALittleUnique: idiot ALittleUnique: its gg ALittleUnique: they are all fed ALittleUnique: just ff ALittleUnique: its gg ALittleUnique: surreder ALittleUnique: noobs ALittleUnique: i'm 0/10 ALittleUnique: for? ALittleUnique: surrender noobs ALittleUnique: ikr ALittleUnique: this malphite f'ed me uo ALittleUnique: up* ALittleUnique: HAHAHAHA ALittleUnique: your the reason i'm feeding noob ALittleUnique: what you guys ganna report me for? ALittleUnique: what ALittleUnique: wtf teemo ALittleUnique: blind? ALittleUnique: wp guys ALittleUnique: we should enter lcs ALittleUnique: for what exactly noob? ALittleUnique: exaclty, nothing noob ALittleUnique: wzit? ALittleUnique: 2nd language english? ALittleUnique: . ALittleUnique: gg ALittleUnique: noob malphite ALittleUnique: no Game 2 ALittleUnique: glhf ALittleUnique: wtf thres ALittleUnique: u need to be upfront ALittleUnique: defend me ALittleUnique: idiot ALittleUnique: now i need to back ALittleUnique: u just stand behind me ALittleUnique: atleast stand on me so they cant damage me ALittleUnique: wtf ALittleUnique: wtf ALittleUnique: tank ALittleUnique: idiot ALittleUnique: if your not going to do anything ALittleUnique: go roam ALittleUnique: this thresh is so bad ALittleUnique: omg ALittleUnique: autofilled support? ALittleUnique: finally ALittleUnique: be agressive ALittleUnique: please stop dying ALittleUnique: <3 ALittleUnique: i let u get kill ALittleUnique: well played ALittleUnique: 3 objectives ALittleUnique: we are like 8k ahead in gold ALittleUnique: riven rift bot ALittleUnique: or mid ALittleUnique: damn ALittleUnique: this yi and riven ALittleUnique: gg this team omg ALittleUnique: ok ALittleUnique: we need to all push ALittleUnique: and thresh u must protect me ALittleUnique: gg ALittleUnique: noob team ALittleUnique: only oriana and thresh is good ALittleUnique: yep ALittleUnique: i suck your mums icicle ALittleUnique: awww ALittleUnique: we need ALittleUnique: top ALittleUnique: top ALittleUnique: pushhh ALittleUnique: full build ALittleUnique: all mid please ALittleUnique: all mid ALittleUnique: all mid ALittleUnique: back ALittleUnique: omg ALittleUnique: push ALittleUnique: mid ALittleUnique: leave bot ALittleUnique: its fine ALittleUnique: all ALittleUnique: mid ALittleUnique: stay together ALittleUnique: listen to me ALittleUnique: ffs ALittleUnique: if u want to win ALittleUnique: yi ALittleUnique: mid ALittleUnique: alll ALittleUnique: mid ALittleUnique: now! ALittleUnique: gg ALittleUnique: sorry for being toxic lmao ALittleUnique: i'm on a really bad losing streak ALittleUnique: from silver 3 100lp to silver 5 0 lp ALittleUnique: in 4 days
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