A new type of trolling

Played with a premade smurf botlane in one of my normals. According to our scoreboard the game should have been a stomp with our team consistently having a 10-15 kill lead over the enemy team. There was a time when the enemy teammates were all 0/12, 1/10, 1/5 etc apart from the enemy mid Ryze but for some reason we were losing towers. Turned out, our botlane was just farming kills and minions all match without pressuring turrets while rep calling and flaming other teammates when all of us were doing decently. For some reason they just refused to pressure lanes and let towers fall until right before our nexus turrets were going to go down at about 35 minutes the trolling adc penta'd the enemy team and finally let us end. Obviously this isn't the game-losing type of trolling most of us encounter, but flaming, rep calling, intentionally playing poorly and holding your team hostage in a game that should have been over a long time ago just because you want to farm and get full build for that penta kill is also extremely frustrating. I couldn't really make much impact ARAMing with my team, nor could I pressure lanes because half the time most of them were just %%%%ing about in the jungle instead of pushing lanes so I was the only one visible on the map and got collapsed on. The whole ordeal just made me feel useless and pretty powerless despite being way ahead of my lane opponent (and the majority of the enemy team) and I just wanted to give up. Despite winning the game I still feel frustrated and miserable about it. Almost 40 minutes of complete misery being held hostage by a pair of smurfs who wanna show off how good they are. I'd rather have lost the match at 15 minutes to inters than have to endure that again.
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