Banned for what?

Game 1 Pre-Game Puraido: mid In-Game Puraido: singed Puraido: i ping 20 times Puraido: noobs are so annoyin to play with Puraido: especially the ones wo dont listen Puraido: xd Puraido: u must be premade with this camp Puraido: u only come when im not there Puraido: ur useless Puraido: lol Puraido: its camp Puraido: all ur here 24/7 Puraido: didnt i beat u 1v1? Puraido: and didnt i put u only lker 10 % Puraido: hahahah dont say 1v1 when u rekt u 1v1? Puraido: morg Puraido: is thuis 1v1 to Puraido: you Puraido: you muppet Puraido: xd Puraido: u and vi are suckers Puraido: if u guys want Puraido: 1v1 Puraido: xd u had vi all game bro Puraido: i dont need cry Puraido: whe i rekt u 1v1 Puraido: u can laugh all u want Puraido: just dont deny getting rekt Puraido: 1/7? Puraido: 2v1 lane its 4v5 game Puraido: vi says 5v5 hahhaa Puraido: if ur good come 1v1 after this Puraido: xd Puraido: all that are scared will say ez now Puraido: 1/8 camped Puraido: no help all game Puraido: help when im not there isnt help morg Puraido: u muppet Puraido: xd Puraido: bro u got rekt 1v1 xd how can u even speak hahahahhaha Puraido: i had 80% hp when i klilled u Puraido: 2/9 in 2v1 lane with vi u both only press r Puraido: why talk as if ur good Puraido: as u see u only press r Puraido: lvl 7 rekt u 80% hp lvl 2 Puraido: dont talk pls Puraido: we can go again lvl 2 ill kill u again easy Puraido: back uop the talk and come 1v1 after this :) Puraido: ofc its 4v5 gamwe Puraido: xd Puraido: whats ur rank morg? Puraido: xd Puraido: kids? Puraido: vi mid lane all game Puraido: ur upset i rekt u 1v1 Puraido: so u cried to vi Puraido: xd Puraido: :) Puraido: happns in 4v5 games Puraido: needs premade with vi Puraido: yikes...... Puraido: both press r :) Puraido: come 1v1 bro lemme show u Puraido: ur friend vi cant spefctate Puraido: again Puraido: we will see Puraido: morg how much of a btch can u be to defend enemy team Puraido: ur 100% a sntch irl Puraido: nerd Puraido: yas let u suck his dik after the game?? Post-Game Puraido: quick question Puraido: 1v1 yes or no ? Puraido: you can say no Puraido: its okay Puraido: bannd? Puraido: u camped all game in 4v5 Puraido: and u tak Puraido: come 1v1 Puraido: ? Puraido: yes or no ? Puraido: 1v1?? Puraido: yes or no Puraido: stop talking Puraido: i added u Puraido: and u declined Puraido: come watch Puraido: we will see Puraido: come bro Puraido: 1v1 Puraido: HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Puraido: BRO Puraido: UR MATES Puraido: WANT U TO 1V1 Puraido: BUT U DONT WANT TO Puraido: HAHAHAHAHAH Puraido: bro gtfo Puraido: dont talk sht Puraido: when ur scared Puraido: hahahahah banned for being tilted cus my team was against me when im trying to surrender a 4v5 game my top laner had issues logging in i was up against a vi and yas in mid who camped me i cant go afk cus ill get banned so i played the whole game ? why am i getting banned for just this one game????? RIOT CAN GO SUCK MY %%%% TBH banning people for no reason dying game its not for 5 year olds this game banning me ???? for what? 1 GAME??!?!?! BANNING ME?!?!?!

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