Riot support behavior and an apology

Hi, I'm Brutal Barbie :) I'm here to tell you about my experience with the Riot support team behaviour. I got banned for 14 days because of a story I told some of my teammates in a game, where the game had some bad vibes from the start of the game, and I thought it was quite funny, because it was a really weird misunderstanding from my side: > Game 3886335534: > [All]Brutal Barbie: do you guys know what ''' means in danish? :) > [All]Brutal Barbie: k's, means kiss in danish (not censored here since its written in the danish language.) > [All]Brutal Barbie: i found out what ppl meant when they wrote ''' today xD > [All]Brutal Barbie: everytime ppl wrote it, I always asked if they were danish xD > [All]Brutal Barbie: cuz I thought they meant kiss xD > Brutal Barbie: xD > Brutal Barbie: bar > [All]Brutal Barbie: baited xD > Brutal Barbie: I was coming out to give you speedboost > Brutal Barbie: but you jumped before I got ther > Brutal Barbie: so you could get in fast after you jumped > [All]Brutal Barbie: gg wp In the game I played zilean as support. I actually didn't know it was a word you couldn't say in any way, and would get banned for 14 days no matter what. but another guy that was on the enemy team was a danish guy, knew that, that word would get you banned no matter what the context was, and he that he would report me, cuz I wrote it, and he wrote stuff like I didn't deserve the win, and he was quite salty, and he was somewhat right. I got carried hard. (This is the game: And true as the people said about that I would get banned for telling that story I got banned for 14 days. then I thought to myself that this must be a mistake, and someone should see the context of what I'm writing, even thou it is a flagged word, that I know now. I actually thought it would always be a person who looked at reports, and not a bot. Thats what I found out later. (For you guys who don't know this, always have that in mind when you use the chat. I've learned it the hard way.) Since I thought it was a mistake I made a ticket about my suspension. with this title: "Told ppl a funny TRUE story about me not understanding what ''' meant". First I just got this message back: > "Greetings, human! I am Blitzcrank Bot. My purpose is to provide a fast and thorough explanation of your recent ban. > > This penalty stems from demonstrating negative or abusive behaviors in chat - in human terms, this means giving up on games, griefing your fellow players, and generally being difficult to play with over a large number of matches and teammates. > > Here are some chat logs from games where you were heavily reported: > > Game 3886335534: > [All]Brutal Barbie: do you guys know what ''' means in danish? :) > [All]Brutal Barbie: k's, means kiss in danish > [All]Brutal Barbie: i found out what ppl meant when they wrote ''' today xD > [All]Brutal Barbie: everytime ppl wrote it, I always asked if they were danish xD > [All]Brutal Barbie: cuz I thought they meant kiss xD > Brutal Barbie: xD > Brutal Barbie: bar > [All]Brutal Barbie: baited xD > Brutal Barbie: I was coming out to give you speedboost > Brutal Barbie: but you jumped before I got ther > Brutal Barbie: so you could get in fast after you jumped > [All]Brutal Barbie: gg wp > > I know these can be subjective concepts. I myself was once banned for calling my teammates “weak, fleshy underlings.” Even though I meant well, enough of them reported me for it that I re-programmed my communication style. By acting diplomatic and calm, I’m now able to bend them to my will without succumbing to the forbidden dance of verbal abuse. > > Sometimes it’s best to ignore the mewlings of your teammates and only focus on what you can control. If teammates anger you, try saying so out loud to yourself, not in chat where they can report you. After an annoying game, find a satisfying way to blow off steam. I’m told humans find catharsis in music, so try listening to Mozart or the dulcet sounds of “LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR.” > > I hope I have been useful to you. Although my heart is cold and mechanical, I feel we now have a deep connection and bond. There isn’t much more information a human specialist could provide, but if you want any further questions answered, you may select the option below." Then after that I had the opportunity to request a human, and the ofcourse I did that, since I didn't feel like I had broken any of the points in the summoners code, and it was a mistake that I got suspended. and then after I had sent the request to get in touch with a human, and I've sent the request with the request type: Account suspensions or restrictions. where I wrote: Can someone please read what I wrote, I don't feel like its offensive in any way, or targeted at anyone. Then I got this reply after a day: > "Hello Brutal, > > We have a Player Behavior team in place dedicated to looking into cases like this, so I need to transfer your ticket. We cannot guarantee that the suspension will be lifted, but a member of our team will be investigating your case and contacting you as soon as they can. > > Please keep in mind that we respond to tickets in the order we receive them, so ‘bumping’ your ticket by sending us additional messages will send it to the back of our queue. This might inadvertently delay our response. :( > > Thank you for your patience!" > then I waited 2 days where I also sent a picture of a google translate from danish to english saying kisses and hugs. and told them that my sister always ends her messages with kiss, and that was what I thought made me misunderstand what ppl wrote it, when they wrote it in-game. Then I got another reply: > "Hello, > > Beemo (as Censored Name) scouting ahead for the Player Behavior Team. > > I'm afraid the suspension will remain on the account. to you it may have seemed like a funny story yet the other players in the game with you did not. It's not ok to use that acronym no matter the circumstances as it's negative impact on this community is substantial. The game is played world-wide by a variety of people from different cultures, the acknowledged meaning of this acronym is "k'll y'urself" and it is highly negative. > > Remember that you will need to show continuous clear signs of reformed in game behavior for a longer period of time before you can restore your accounts good name. > > Just follow the Summoner's code and all will be well. > > I sincerely hope you understand and wish you good fortune." and then I wrote to the guy that I felt that it was the wrong decision, and that I would like to report him to his superrior for "telling me to kill myself" in a passive agressive and indirect way, since in their opinion that could be taken out of the message he sent to me, and that It could be like that. (I was a bit irritated, since I had an honor level 5 and normally ends all my games, win or loss, with writing: "GG wp! you guys played really well, was fun playing with and against you guys! :)" > this story aside, I actually wanna say to the entire community that I am so sorry for the harm I've done, and everytime I've gotten mad at any of you, I really do love the game, and I love learning the game with you guys, patch after patch, all the teamwork we do, all the mistakes and funny momtents we got throu. and if in any way, anything I ever have said, or do say to you guys. Sometimes, it is just in the heat of the moment, and can sound harsh, and the really bad story I told, even thou it was true, I'm really sorry I shared it since it obviously did harm. I'm sorry guys, and I'm okay with the punishment I got, and I'm sure I'll get my honor level 5 back, and that I'll enjoy many years of gameplay with you guys again when my suspension is over :) I will never write those letters again in game, no matter what the context is. > Then after I wrote that message back to him, I got a new response, even thou he had closed the ticket. this is the message: > "Hello again, > > Apologies for any misunderstanding, I only wished to convey the seriousness of the situation by explaining in full the use of the acronym. The sudden and uncalled for use of the acronym in the chat created a negative experience for the other players. > > Negativity in all it's forms, any harmful, malicious behavior that creates unpleasant feelings for other players is not something we condone. > > Regarding the supervisor, we do not have a 'regular' hierarchic system as you may imagine. > Here we are all Player Support, and we do not have a designated "supervisor" as one would expect, given the fact that we work in a flat structure. > However, I can assure you that anyone from our office who would otherwise handle your concern would not be able to offer you a different solution." and here comes the my problem. with the entire situation. After he wrote this message. I told him that I don't feel like he should just get away with writing a message with this sentance to me: "the acknowledged meaning of this acronym is "k'll y'urself" and it is highly negative." for one, because I would never awknowlage that as the acronym for that, since it means something beautiful in my country, and alot of danish gamers don't even know that was the acronym before after I told them about this, and I find it somewhat borderline, what should I call it. Xenofobic just to use it as such. its like making something really sweet you end your messages with, like my sister does all the time ( and I wrote that to him, and sent a picture of a facebook post my sister sent where she wrote Kiss in the end with a heart to my niece, and I can find billions of those kind of posts from alot of danes. after that I also didn't find it okay with him getting away with just saying apologies for the misunderstanding, since one of someone very near to me actually did end their own not very long ago, so I should know first hand why it is really bad to write it to anyone. the bad meaning of the acronym he uses the word for, that I still will never! ever! use, cuz it would ruin the beautiful meaning of it in danish for me. (and actaully I would wish that people would look at my story about what I wrote and think. hey, maybe I should just stop using that word in that way. because It is VERY bad, and also kind of xenofobic.) but I don't think he should just get away with saying it in an sentance, when it never should be said, in any sircumstance, as he told me earlier. he should not get away with just saying "Apologies for the misunderstanding." since I never got the chance to do so. I never got the warning, and when I log in, it only says that I have that one single game where I said anything harmfull, even thou I didn't mean any harm, and I got no warning. other than that I sent him proof of someone really near to me had taken their own life, more proof of it being very normal to use in a good way in the danish word. and that I think that someone else should look at his way of handling the situation, and that he also had used it, but in a more direct way in an sentance, but to me. but then, they deleted all my messages from the ticket, and all what me and him wrote about. AND THAT, is where I really don't find it to be a good player behaviour, just tell me if I got too heated, I will deal with my suspension, and this game means so incredibly much to me. I actually do honestly try to become good enough to play on a professional plan, even if it would only be domestic. So the moral is just. Lets be fair to eachother. I got heated, I might have said stuff to the support guy that I shouldn't have, and I actually is truely sorry about that, and hope he will forgive me. I'm also really sorry about me doing something without thinking that It could hurt someone. enough for riot to having to suspend me to show me that I really screwed up. I really just want to say sorry to you guys. But also just show you guys at riot how a player sees this situation, and sometimes we really don't mean anything bad about what we do. but we do cross the line, and ofcourse its okay for you to punish us in the way you see fit. but also look at yourself, and don't just brush things off with an apology when we don't get the chance to do so :/ When I leave the post game lobby, and I don't feel like anyone got offended by what I said, I just really didn't get the chance to say sorry to those guys. But when my 14 days of suspension is over. I will add all the guys from that game, and give them an apology too, and you guys that have gotten a ban in the past, I would recommend you to do the same, look at the guys in the game where you got banned. and add them, tell them you're sorry if you are. because, we all need to be able to be here, and enjoy the game together :) - Brutal Barbie. I love being a part of this community with you guys. and I hope I'll never do something this stupid again. sorry guys and gals :) see you in 10 days :) (anyone in game feel free to add me:) )
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