The priorization of banning verbal abusers is ridiculous.

I think the priorization to permaban alot of people on just verbal abuse is ridiculous when people who intentional feed get nothing. My problem with it is exactly this: I can mute a toxic player and I cannot mute an afker or intentional feeder/troll. Why dont u hammer on muting people that are toxic? It is the best solution. People in games get upset after a losing streak, getting camped or whatever reason they need to atack other people. It just happens but what follows after the flaming is the part that ruins the game. The discussions between the flamer and the flamed person, the tilt of the player, the spamms in all chat for reports. These are all things that will prevent ur team from playing the game, they arent busy with winning anymore. It is a mentality that is created by the report system that it is ok the just report a guy after u lost a game "it will make it better". I always report the people that ask for reports, they are the players that are toxic. Just mute the flamer and try to win, focus on the game ffs!
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