So no season rewards for....

"We are still working on the details for the 2015 Season, but the current plan is that players who have been Chat Restricted, Ranked Restricted or Game Banned during the 2015 Season will not receive Season Rewards in Ranked. Players who have had Low Priority Queues won't be affected unless they have had 20 min Low Priority Queues. Emails and Player Support sites will be updated with this new info when we finalize the details. " Riot Lyte So first off all this is so stupid sorry, but it is, I am playing this game for 3.5 years and this is just silly. We are all humans, we all have irl. problems ofc I get screwd by someone/something, and I enter a game pissed, I lose 10 rankeds in a row, I stay calm, then the 11th game a dude dies to a gank and goes mid 0/30, sorry that I cant stay calm there, emotions drive me u know, so I had one pair of chat restriction this year (75 games) means I am not eligable for the rewards, why I wasted my time then? I got the chat restriction only cuz I did some light flame in ranked if not ranked I wouldnt even flame, as I never do in normal games, but thats not the point, u cant just come and make such a big decision alone out of nowhere, why dont u say those things at the start of the season? At the start of this season u said that everyone who has a permanent chat restriction so thats like 500+ wont get the season rewards alright I had no problem with it cause those r big flammers who wish u death and diseases. But if u plan punishments like this and if u want to improve the community then say it at the start of the season :) So after we know that we wont get rewards if we get A SINGLE punishment over the year I am sure alot would flame less, but saying it at the end of the season? I am very very very dissapointed. Sorry for bad english not my mother languege.
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