Got flamed got banned

Ok guys I’ve been playing league for a while now started at euw now am at eune I left euw cuz my account has been perma bam cuz I just can tolerate feeders wh flame like really can’t ive been in euw bronze for 2 my first 2 seasons then next one got s1 and stopped playing then after that riot kept make me play with not bad players I can deal with it if it was 1 out 3 games maybe but 10 outa 10 i start to rage and men my account got banned so I had this one with my friends in eune player new account got to g2 was fun and all but then don’t know why happened with match making they brought euw feeders/ flames to my games over and over until now am g4 don’t care much about ranking anymore if I I see 2 lanes hard feed I stop care play with least effort and some times ask base it was nice Losing cuz I didn’t do my best lol not cuz my team sucks now am at g4 don’t really care if we lose or not just chilling cuz that’s how league is u don’t have to win u have to be robot and when u got glammed by feeders u don’t tell them their fault or mistake cuz when u do u got chat ban andddddd honor go away for 25 games thnx riot ;)

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