I know that my post doesn't mean a lot here, but I'll just take a minute to share this with u. Don't you think we're going a bit overboard with these players who are stuck in bronze and silver but deserve to be challenger so everything is 'ez', 'izi' or 'easy' for them? I know many will say I'm too butthurt, and I just might be... But that still doesn't change the fact that this is toxic af. Just spamming "ez" after every play, every kill, every won game. I despise the people who can't even write a simple "gg wp" after the game is over, but do the "ez" stuff instead. Like it doesn't tilt you when you play a game for 45 or 50+ minutes, lose and somebody writes "ez" to you? Idk about you guys, but imo people who obviously overuse this just to make the other guy rage should be at least chat restricted. Those who provoke others to start flaming aren't anything better than those flamers
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