I love this game =)

I see all these snowflakes crying about how a random stranger on the internet was mean to them but no one seem to mind trying your hardest every game just to lose one after another, in ranked of course, game after game, being completely unable to progress, just because any number of people in your team decided to just go 0/16, because who cares, right. We all have infinite free time and we can waste it in such manner. God forbid you get angry, oh no, only select emotions are allowed in today's online world, that shit is worse than murder. Good to see that we're moving in a positive direction, who cares that someone is actively ruining your free time, just as long he isn't hurting your feefees. Online. Behind miles and miles of land and sea between you. With no face or name. HE's the real problem here. Also, mute button doesn't exist. That's all from me. With regards, %%%% you.
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