How to control toxic people

Honestly when I rank, I play support sometimes I'm pissed about things when my ADC goes engage when I pinged that I'm low on mana dies and blames me. First I say to myself "okay let's jsut forget that and just move on“ So I don't tilt, but then again after I recall and telling him **kindly** don't engage without me. He goes and flames to me. Like why dude, I said in the kindest way. Then after he typed, he went again and engaged in a suicidal run against the enemy fed jungle like "hey I'm draven supertanky so Imma go suicide" I typed "..." then he blamed me so I instant mute him and once we lost. Instant report and block. The problem with that match was the rest of the team **actually** supported him though he was wrong. It was on a iron game so I wasn't really that affected. So here is a top to stop toxic player from tilting 1. Mute him and his pings 2.Don't go near his champion when he is on a suicide run. Help your other teammates if they need assitance 3. After the match, go straight report them and later block them. To all toxic players whether you don't know it or not don't get pissed at other people for your mistakes and check what u did wrong. To all players who deal with toxic players, keep a cool head and mute them espically in low elo matches like Iron cuz that's when everything is messed up
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