There are a lot of boosters out there. (RANT)

And it's not even funny. Just had a Zac who was MASTER last season, and considering that he was playing with a premade mid laner, it was obvious he "TRIED" to at least do okay. Hint : he didn't. He was complaining all game and not even dodging or using his spells to aim someone. He ended up being 1:7. I can clearly see when someone tries to win or play NORMALLY, but this wasn't the case. And prior to his division last season, it's kind of logical that i expected at least a DECENT KDA or a normal game play. Didn't see either. Now, i think that is kinda disappointing. I am very sorry if i am the only one who is considering this, but i don't go for a Ranked game while being high, tired, on drugs, while eating, being drunk, being careless etc.. My goal is set straight. It's to win. And if i lose, that's fine, but i will know i did decently well. Players who want to play Ranked but not care enough to try to win should be magically removed from Ranked queues. You have normals for that, and if anything, i hope that the majority of players finds Ranked serious in a way of climbing. But i won't even bother. Because i know that he deliberately did bad, he just didn't care. Which is not nice. You have other game modes where you can waste your time or whatever.. I don't think Ranked is for silly plays or fooling around. It can be, certainly, but it generally shouldn't. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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