Permanently Banned With No Prior Warnings

Just got permanently banned an hour ago. Thought my account was doing great. Only decided to be toxic a bit cos got heated up with teammates not listening. Never got any prior warnings just straight up permanently banned after i finished my last game. Was level 27 grinded with exp boosts, matching with plats and diamonds. Im so sad. Im willing to accept 14 day bans but im confuse about the perm, no chat restric or suspension like whutttt. Game 1 HookerOfSouls: open ur eyes HookerOfSouls: will see now HookerOfSouls: just uw atch HookerOfSouls: regroup HookerOfSouls: pls HookerOfSouls: end HookerOfSouls: u kidding HookerOfSouls: me HookerOfSouls: are u HookerOfSouls: fcking HookerOfSouls: kidding HookerOfSouls: me HookerOfSouls: uf HookerOfSouls: fcking HookerOfSouls: %%%%%%s HookerOfSouls: why didnt HookerOfSouls: u HookerOfSouls: go HookerOfSouls: fckijg HookerOfSouls: mid HookerOfSouls: are HookerOfSouls: u HookerOfSouls: seriosu HookerOfSouls: go HookerOfSouls: as HookerOfSouls: 5 HookerOfSouls: seriouslyend HookerOfSouls: this HookerOfSouls: i dont wanna play with u guys HookerOfSouls: gotta carry ur noob ass HookerOfSouls: gg wp Game 2 HookerOfSouls: u dont need blue HookerOfSouls: love u HookerOfSouls: kiss yourself HookerOfSouls: mate HookerOfSouls: swap HookerOfSouls: shen HookerOfSouls: u can have bot now <3 HookerOfSouls: leave it HookerOfSouls: its an ocean HookerOfSouls: dont risk HookerOfSouls: rush baron HookerOfSouls: if they drake HookerOfSouls: then leave HookerOfSouls: u %%%%%, HookerOfSouls: now u come HookerOfSouls: u puyss, HookerOfSouls: wouldvebeen faster if yi isnt underage HookerOfSouls: gg HookerOfSouls: we gave u early geez HookerOfSouls: calm HookerOfSouls: .. HookerOfSouls: mate HookerOfSouls: ult HookerOfSouls: not tp HookerOfSouls: lol HookerOfSouls: .. HookerOfSouls: can we actually go as 5 pls HookerOfSouls: and end HookerOfSouls: gg HookerOfSouls: delete you r account HookerOfSouls: +1 HookerOfSouls: uninstall your life HookerOfSouls: gg wp I know i was harsh, but they just got on my nerve and it took over me :(. As you can see im friendly at the start, wanting my team to work together but it never works out. Didnt get an email, just the login screen saying i been perm ban :(.
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