Leaver buster work with problem ... no justice at all

this happen to me all the time .. i got banned 5 game for 20 minute becuz i got net problem for just few minute and had to reload the game .. after i come back no matter we won the game or loose .. i got ban for 1 hour ( 5*20 ) .. IS THIS FAIR ?? im living in iran .. in this ruined country net went offline from time to time ... and is this fair to get ban all the times ??? i just want u to fix this leaver buster ... this system just ban unfairly ... maybe its hard to u guys to make a better system .. but with all these fans and players who Donate ur Company .. is that realy hard to make better system so avoid unfair moves and bring justice to our broken Hurt and mind ?? btw sry if this is not the place to bring this discussion .. and sry for my bad language . Best Regards , Amir {{champion:245}}
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