I'm amazed at how nice this person is...

I played a ranked, it was very late. It was a mistake to play so late, as tiredom had already sinked in, without me even noticing. When I'm tired, my play is much worse, and I went top lane against a Tryndamere. Normally, I would have won that lane with no problems, but I made a bunch of mistakes, and he snowballed on me. I was still trying to win, despite having a terrible score and my adc and mid flaming me. Our support was telling them to not give up, that we could win it. I built tanky, like I usually do when I lose lane hard, and after a close match, we finally lost. After the game, our midlaner told me I should be playing against bots. I added our support, because he had been very positive, and I am honored to have positive people as friends. Shortly after, I got a mystery skin from our support, saying 'wp'. When I asked him why he gave me a mystery skin, when I went 3/13 in score, he told me I always kept my cool and never gave up, and that's better than a 40/0 flamer. He said everyone has bad games, and no one played perfectly. And he also said something that put my shame of failure to rest: "You win some and you lose some. And from your losses you gain experience. So in that sense, you win even when you lose" I felt like I had to share this experience with you guys, as it was one of my best, and shortly after having such a rough game.
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