Rito, stop forcing us to play with premade teams for missions!!!!!

When Odyssey event started, my first impression was positive - "whoa, Invasion mode has been upgraded and improved". Then I went on to completing event missions. All was fine until I got to the point where I have to clear missions where whole team has to have certain number of augments or select specific chempions. THAT'S WHERE IT WENT TO HELL. When I tried to clear missions where whole team has to select specific champions, there was ALWAYS someone who instalocks before I type "5 yasuo" or "sonna/ziggs mission". Or even worse, that jackass hovers upon the champ we agreed to play, and changes it on the last second. It wasn't much better with augments missions. 4 out of 5 tries someone either doesn't care about the mission and goes for max augments OR they are on next level of augment mission and types "2 AUGMENTZ OR TROLL LMFAOZ". Only solution is to lurk in forums for a few hours until you find a team that wants to do same missions as you do. GREAT JOB RITO! In conclusion - Rito forcing to work together with random ⓇⒺⓉⒶⓇⒹⓈ made this event an extremely frustrating experience. And I was about to believe, that Rito finally made a step to right direction and created an actually somewhat enjoyable event. Well, seems I was wrong. Better re-enable Nexus Blitz, at least that mode was a proper breath of fresh air for this rotten game.
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