Why exactly is this worth a chat restriction?

I got a 10 game chat restriction and I was wondering why exactly the next transscript is concidered to be a bad example of how to behave ingame that its worth a restriction. In this game I was flamed from the start of champ select for picking bard support by the lux and varus on my team. I ignored it. This continued in game and they took it to all chat. At the same time TF on my team decided to troll me by baiting me to engage a fight with him and then didnt engage, watching me die and laugh in chat at me. TF said that I should not care about it since "its just a normal game" and "it was just a little troll". So I had a discussion with him about why he would do that. Sadly you can only see my part of the discussion, and sadly I didnt receive any notification that any of them got punished for their actions in game, after I reported them. I do not see why a discussion like this is reason to get chat restricted. Apparently that means that one should accept in silence whatever flame and trolls people throw at you. The moment you speak up you get punished instead of them. Note that: "very bad support confirmed" was a note to myself after my team called me a very bad support and I saved them with my ult. gl hf im going agressive lvl 1, please follow up for kill varus :) gj trist heal annie s graves bot mid annie s annie f could you gank bot when they are pushed? we could use help bot yea immobile mages almost always want to rush zhonya;'s vs zed armor ap and deny ult could you please report varus, he has been flaming me since champ select for picking bard very bad support confirmed could you please explain to me why you are flaming me in all chat, lux and varus? cant help you when you run into river isntead of our jungle ty tf for help I assumed you would go in for stun :s tf trolling me =,= im done with the flame and the trolling, sorry :( you are trolling, lux and varus flaming why should I take that, why should I still help people who do that yea so why would you troll or flame in a nromal game there is zero reason to do that but you trolled me i dont care if I punch someone and say dude relax its just a little punch so why would you troll someone in a game, or flame someone in a game? its just a game why bother to annoy other people when its just a game nothing im not trolling or flaming its funny how my team now calls me the bad guy and asks whats wrong with me when I ask them why they would flame or troll someone :( this is what the league community has become, trolling/flaming is more accepted than calling people out for it fml :D now they asking how old I am, as if that has to do anything with it yes, I need to vent my frustration came here for a fun game, got trolls and flame yea that seems to be true these days, sadly "its just a normal game so its no problem when you get trolled or flamed" try mute and ask yourself what caused it for? im typign arguments, has nothing to do with spam in your opinion y i type if you dont like it just mute you know you could have saved yourself all of this by just being nice for you, thats the whole problem you only care about yourself and the way in which you enjoy the game no matter if that is less fun for others and when someone says that about it its spam, you think they are immature, you want to report them, you say its 'just a normal last league game about 40 mins ago :D anyway im going to stop talking now atleast I dont flame :D wp enemy team bg
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