IS this 'ban worthy'

look man i have had like 3 accounts that are now perma banned. I am not here to argue the banning system I just wana know do these chat logs sound like im flaming? some context first: These two teamates in that game were duo and they started telling me i wasnt first mid when I definetly was 100% i joined the lobby before them. They kept flaming me during the game and told everyone to report me. the jgler (one of the duo) never ganked and my lane suffered so yeah i kinda wanted the game to end cuz i was being flamed by them both the whole game. like i wasnt even inting or flaming them i didnt insult them or anything and the enemy team even asked me to play with them next game (my last game on this account yay). So these two reported me im sure and i got a perma but im sure the game cant tell that they were intentionally flaming me so i got banned cuz they didnt get the lane one of them wanted...At this point like what do I do i cant even chat if i get flamed i get banned come on. pls leave your thoughts below i appreciate it. btw the two flamers were talon and yi...also i even offered to go top for that talon and i took tp as well but he said stay mid so idk what i did wrong rly. Game 1 In-Game FakrBakrPlayMakr: iim not going vs illaoi FakrBakrPlayMakr: report talon pls FakrBakrPlayMakr: i was mid idc FakrBakrPlayMakr: ? FakrBakrPlayMakr: was he first? FakrBakrPlayMakr: k ill top FakrBakrPlayMakr: k FakrBakrPlayMakr: why did u wait so much man FakrBakrPlayMakr: thanks alot talon FakrBakrPlayMakr: mid lost now FakrBakrPlayMakr: gg FakrBakrPlayMakr: i was first FakrBakrPlayMakr: shut up FakrBakrPlayMakr: okay FakrBakrPlayMakr: i was first and he dcided to troll FakrBakrPlayMakr: now i have tp and zed ignite FakrBakrPlayMakr: yeah we lost hahahaha FakrBakrPlayMakr: keep flaming talon FakrBakrPlayMakr: you will enjoy the ban FakrBakrPlayMakr: gg FakrBakrPlayMakr: gg FakrBakrPlayMakr: idc FakrBakrPlayMakr: you will lose FakrBakrPlayMakr: cuz you wana say i instalcok FakrBakrPlayMakr: your win guys :D you guys are good gg FakrBakrPlayMakr: lol sure just report him and talon for flame FakrBakrPlayMakr: tjeyre duo FakrBakrPlayMakr: lol this talon FakrBakrPlayMakr: lol FakrBakrPlayMakr: you flamed in lobby FakrBakrPlayMakr: you and yi FakrBakrPlayMakr: you werent first FakrBakrPlayMakr: i told him let me top you can mid he didnt want to FakrBakrPlayMakr: so FakrBakrPlayMakr: yep FakrBakrPlayMakr: nah i main yas bro but im just not feeling it this game FakrBakrPlayMakr: cuz yi and talon wana flame FakrBakrPlayMakr: lol FakrBakrPlayMakr: i called first mid and i get reported sure FakrBakrPlayMakr: and yi dont wana gank FakrBakrPlayMakr: report me for trying to play without jg and 24 7 flame FakrBakrPlayMakr: dude i couldnt care less about your impression. youre a flaming 10 year old crying over midlane FakrBakrPlayMakr: yo zed FakrBakrPlayMakr: wana duo? FakrBakrPlayMakr: come on bro you saw my team's flame FakrBakrPlayMakr: jg didnt even gank FakrBakrPlayMakr: im just messing aroung rn FakrBakrPlayMakr: i got the wrong runes smh FakrBakrPlayMakr: was playing katn FakrBakrPlayMakr: kayn FakrBakrPlayMakr: why u mad talon FakrBakrPlayMakr: u realize all this flame will get u chat banned right FakrBakrPlayMakr: lol even if i get x9 i didnt flame FakrBakrPlayMakr: cheers FakrBakrPlayMakr: u done yi? FakrBakrPlayMakr: daaaaaamn FakrBakrPlayMakr: who saying no... Post-Game FakrBakrPlayMakr: gg enemy team FakrBakrPlayMakr: you guys... FakrBakrPlayMakr: idk what to say
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