So tell me what to do now?

so i have just played first game of my promos for silver1. our bot premade got master yi as ADC and malphite as SUPP. dear malphite goes afk on 4th minute.because HE IS USING MOBILE NETWORK :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD in the previous promos i again had 2 afks in 3 games. so can u tell me how to deal with this shit? i mean why do i always have to get worthless kids like this in my team? how can i stop myself from flaming? if i wasnt on promos i would've dodged the game because i kind of understood what kind of .............. these guys are but ofc i couldnt. i want a refund of this game rito. or dont punish me for my hard flame because when i go and play my next game,my toleration for the mistakes of teammates will be so little.
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