Yet another example of the community's lowest of the lows.

Solo queue. Low plat/high gold elo. Team's support thresh intentionally not saving people and intentionally suiciding. Here's part of the end game chat. Name removed to avoid witch-hunting. Clearly states that he lost this on purpose, doesn't care if he gets banned, and wants people like me (who simply want a fair chance) should stop playing the game so that people like him (who prefer to ruin people's games) can play however they want. He's even suggesting that he would use this kind of publicity to stream the game. For the last time, how is this acceptable Riot? Why am I meeting this kind of people on at LEAST 90% of my ranked games? ... **him: im autofilled anyways him: So i dont care** Gatzurion: then ask for a f@ng lane swap **him: And im glad you lost points too** Gatzurion: you don't care because you don't want to win Gatzurion: you never did him: I did //*he never did* Gatzurion: that's why I'm saying you're trolling Gatzurion: you are auto fill and you pick one of the tough to play supports him: I dont wanna win, when you are pesimist Gatzurion: that require you to know the camp Gatzurion: it's not pesimism when I'm mad at my support for intentionally feeding him: I have lux Gatzurion: forget lux him: Cnat protect anyone him: with that Gatzurion: forget the champs Gatzurion: you protected us as thresh? Gatzurion: all you did was either run or dive in 1v4 him: I throw lanter him: n Gatzurion: and die him: 20 times ... **him: i didnt wnna to threw it to you** ... Gatzurion: HOW ON EARTH Gatzurion: do you think you're not BANNABLE right now? him: HAHAHAHAHH **him: than ban me** him: you are just one division on me Gatzurion: this is going on the forums him: And you think you are God ? Gatzurion: irrelevant him: Ok :D **him: You think i care about** Gatzurion: you intentionally lost this game **him: you and forums ?** him: yep Gatzurion: and with what you just said I have proof him: yes **him: I dont care** him: still ? him: wanna one more ? **him: I lost this game on purpose** him: enough ? Gatzurion: yup, thanks him: Np him: Got you my man Gatzurion: hopefully riot will react him: I hope him: For the good of this game Gatzurion: you and the rest of the community that is like you is the reason this game's dying him: agree him: so leave the game him: let us "rest" **him: Play it how we want** him: Am i famous now ? him: Will players know about how bad im him: So i can start my stream on Twtich him: Caz when you put something on Forums him: 100 k ppl have to see that him: Im gald you are doing that for me brah him: Thanks
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