After 6 Years

Hello everyone and welcome to my very first post in 6 years League Of Legends! I will make it short, i am tired of afks, it's a huge shame that riot still doesn't do absolutely nothing about the lp/placement loss that players get by people who just wanna destroy the game. Today i got an afk after 4 minutes, don't get me wrong i am not in "low" elo and didn't expect these kind of things to happen. (not so often atleast) So what i wanna say with this post: I want a solution for afks, or better said for the people who have to play without a team member! In 6 freaking years riot didn't implemented a solution to this topic.. I have written this post because i am sick of it riot, i really hoped that you will change things in preseason/season 7 but hell no, i am dissapointed and really sad. To everyone who read till this line: Cheers fellows {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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