So this is what this community has become? This happend in URF, not even normal... What will Riot do about this, when someone talks like this in the score screen? I never seen a single ban happen because of what people said on score screen, only ingame, so what about this? Its just okay to say whatever you want on the score screen? Just wondering. I just had to share this because this was just amazing. Blitzcrank: bye bye mf see u in 14 days noob Blitzcrank: cry more Blitzcrank: u will get ban soon Miss Fortune: ... Miss Fortune: no i wont Blitzcrank: and u better uninstall Miss Fortune: you should tho Blitzcrank: u will see Blitzcrank: XD Miss Fortune: Lol youre really stupid Miss Fortune: I didnt say a word worth getting banned for Miss Fortune: GL Jax: flame Jax: is lame Blitzcrank: also i missed hooks ya but never missed shots in ur mom's %%%%% Miss Fortune: And you said Ill get banned? DontRememberChamp: cool kids are friends Miss Fortune: lol Blitzcrank: u know what u said kid Miss Fortune: Look at this guy Blitzcrank: see u in 14 days Blitzcrank: bye bye kido Miss Fortune: I wont get banned tho Blitzcrank: grow up Miss Fortune: I should grow up? Blitzcrank: bye bye see u in 14 days Miss Fortune: you talking about my mom and I should grow up? Blitzcrank: see u in 14 days Miss Fortune: No, I wont get banned Blitzcrank: she is hot tho Blitzcrank: see u in 14 days Miss Fortune: You're really stupid, arent you? Blitzcrank: she is hot Blitzcrank: idk how can u live with her in same house Blitzcrank: mmm Blitzcrank: she is mmm Blitzcrank: so hot

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