Why is AFK so badly handled?

Just now ive come out of yet another game where a player has failed to even connect/ afk's mid game. what I want to know is why must the other 4 members either have to wait till minute 20 getting more often than not stomped due to the lack of numbers or wait for the enemy to end? On top of this your loss is treated as a normal loss same lp lost as though it was a 5v5 game... Why? I dont know any other team based 5v5 game that actually punishes the team for losing with an afk player without any compensation in the game such as a bot (although not aa helpful as a player still better than a champ afk in fountain) or just the ability to be able to leave the game safely and not be punished instead of sitting through a full game of torture as the odds are stupdily against you. Before anyone says it I know 4v5's are winable sometimes but more often than not its too much of a handicap to carry as 4.
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