Perma ban for this?

So,i've been banned 7 and 14 days in past.Wich i didnt think i deserved..atleast not that high restriction.But yet i didn't complained cuz i knew i did have few bad games with my language going intense.However,yesterday,i played a game,and this megatoxicsupertrollbiggestoneever amumu jungler,starts flaming at toplaner for picking teemo(its silv 2),then when i told him to let it go,that teemo top can be fine,he starts bursting at me too,calling me noob,retarded silver player etc etc.What he does later,he makes offensive arguments everytime i die or do a bad play,over and over again. You kow,the type who think they are gods to everyone,pretending to be high elo or whatever.SO the guy keeps flaming me whole game long,same does with teemo.Trolls game(you know,when u can win a 2v2 situation but he wants to troll u so just goes past u,or just goes away when u come to help him,or just ignores a 5v5 fight while he is in perfect spot to fight and then flames everyone-and if ur being newbie thats fine,but this guy obviously trolled that,on purpose).Based on said above,here is what i did say that game.Just to mention,before end,teemo started flamign me too for ''feeding''. ALtought it was mostly 3 people mid pushing and only me deffing,without others helping.Ended up being dived or so. ------------------------- dat red... teemos fault? lol hahahaha just let him go he failed Q and flashed and used ulty for lee and failed and now flames to bronze,wich is u 10 min 0 gank :D look at mumu lol so noob what ? make some sense when u speak:D look at him trolling lol u can troll more and speak about how bad i am good for u muted reported can u pls report mumu trol and flame? gg lee honored whos mid? žme? lol pls. teemo verbal ty ty amumu too ------------------------ Did this deserve perma ban? ANd what the heck is wrong with this community...everything u say ingame is either flame or toxic? I mean,yesterday,another game...I ping whole time ss,i even say it,i told a guy go back.Then he dies and i will now quote myself ''man,i pinged u and said stuff,why didnt u go back'' hes answer was '' reported,so toxic''. I really do try,hard,to maintain my cool,to play and have fun.But dont we all lose it sometimes? Arent we human. And it seems more and more to me that RIOT supports trolls and bullies.CUz if someone keeps bulling me thru game,and im not allowed to defend myself and i must ignore him,that just means he wins.ANd i always stood up to bulies so its sometimes hard for me to mute them. Atleast i want a detailed explanation on why i got permabanned.

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