Muting all players every game

So I've recently taken to muting everyone at the start of a game because, frankly anything useful people have to say can be pinged. It's been going really well, I've found myself playing better and not being as frustrated because I simply can't have any emotional reaction to stuff I don't know about. However, I had one game last night where, after having won the game, in the post-game screen, I said well played to my team, I also honoured them all. After I'd honoured them I then got flamed at by my Vi Jungle saying "such a bad player" I felt I'd done pretty well, had second most damage, most kills, least deaths etc etc... She was moaning that I didn't communicate and I said that I mute everyone, they then go on and on at me saying it's unsportsmanlike conduct and that they were reporting me for no communication.... Now in my opinion I felt that it was a bit harsh as I had, as previously stated, communicated everything I needed via pings?! Anyway kinda pissed me off cause I'd already honoured someone who really didn't deserve it... Be interested to hear some other opinions on this, I think muting everyone really helps and I've noticed a difference but clearly it offended this Vi XD
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