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so i stopped playing league for around 6months, come back with a pretty good attitude towards the game to find the game hasnt changed one bit. so new champs came out, i bought xayah being an ex-adc main, every attempt to play the champion has failed either by quedodgers, bans or first picks taking the champion. this i get with new champs its kinda hard to get a play on them. but the amount of 4man pre-mades in draft pick coming in to the games with really crappy attitudes picking atrox support, kata support so forth so forth. so if your lucky enough to get a ban you can ban them out of that pick and istead suffer through an entire game of flame and toxisity. so new day new game and your pretty tired of all the troll picks and toxic play, you create a draft pick game, select the champion you want to play and suprise suprise your in a game with a 4man premade and they want to play taliyah support... you have a ban and decide not to ban them from the pick hoping that itll just work somehow. then the first enemy champion pick is your champion. you quedodge for the first time in an incredibly long time and boom 5 min ban... punished by the system for not suffering through a crappy game. this may be heavily opinionated and i get queue dodging is annoying but the system is just antagonising salty behaviour. i left the game for 6/7months playing games heavily team reliant and when i came back to LoL having that team spirit brought me allot better attitude of fun and team work. it seems all im getting back is salt and flame.
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