Killing DC person - acceptable or not ?

Hello everyone, I wanna start this post by saying that I really do hope that people won't start flaming here or disrespect other people's opinion - we all got one. I won't answer to every comment, I'm just curious how many people kill DC person in game. So I was wondering the other day that how many people actually kill the DC person in game, if you **don't** then can you share your opinion why not? And if you **do**, why? There's nothing great about killing someone who lost connection but on the other hand people try to win games and that little bit extra gold will help you but it doesn't determinate that now you will win the game because you got that 200 gold. I can understand if someone kills dc person if they are so behind in game (missing minions and kills, maybe got bullied in lane) About year ago when I played this game and I lost connection (I was playing as support) the enemy team killed me and I don't blame them - I lost connection so it's kinda my own fault if I get killed. And every time if I lost connection in a bad place (enemy's saw me)** I got killed every single time.** Ofc it sucks if you lose connection like you can't affect it anyhow but still I don't blame if someone kills me when i'm dc. I'm not_ heartless_ if I kill the dc person. If someone has bad game and have died many times already and I see them recalling somewhere low hp I won't go to stop them. (my team is going to end the game) or if random enemy X just suddenly jumps out of nowhere and won't do anything then I won't either. So my answer is yes and no, sometimes I help our adc to get the kill on dc person (I just want the assist and ofc our adc could kill the dc alone but supports know - you **need** the money. You can't farm, you can't get kills so every ward money and assists matters) And then sometimes if I see someone low hp and not moving (prob lost connection) I let them be. So if **you** kill dc one - Why? Is it for only your score or did you got fall behind in some game? Do you kill dc only in early game or late? Does it matter is it early or late game? And if **you** don't - Why? Do you think it's just too silly to kill someone who's not even there to fight back? Do you have the confidence that you don't need the kill? If you have lost connection and you didn't get killed - is that the reason why you don't kill dc person yourself? And lastly - I don't kill dc person in every single game like ''hunting for easy kills'' Only if the game is going really really really badly and you literally need every assists gold you can get.

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