Fiora Mid forced to go top by ignorant people

This happened several times now. I call mid, I pick Fiora, no objections and suddenly the last pick choses a mid laner without saying anything at all. Once in game they are like "wtf Fiora is a top laner" and iam forced to go top for the sake of not losing the game. lol But seriously this bold and ignorant behaviour is unacceptable. Who are these people that pretend to know where champions have to be played. Fiora got reworked and can now handle mid lane match ups much better. But ofc these offenders don't put a single thought into what they are saying because for them its just an excuse and the means to get their lane in a devious way. I demand justice. And further more it's sad that nobody in the team does show backbone to tell the offender "Hey it is not ok what you did there, you should have picked a top champion or at least ask for mid lane" nope nothing. It really concerns me how narrow minded some players are. Even in team builder you get kicked after patiently waiting for 20 min while adc and support keep leaving. Why ? I never got the chance to ask but i guess the supp and adc are under the impression that they can find a full team faster by constantly leaving ( what they don't know: that the missing member joined 10 seconds after they left). So why do i get kicked for that? Because " wtf Fiora isn't a mid laner" ? And on a side note, Redmercy uploaded a video yesterday about Fiora mid. So maybe people need to hear it from some kind of authority to get over their retarded ideas. I think we are all human beings with a brain. We can all figure out by ourselves if something does work or doesn't. You don't need to wait for popular streamers or pro players to tell you what is efficient in terms of picks and item choices, but sometimes I get the impression that the majority of players out there is not able to do that and they simply reject any new ideas because thats how they can feel better about themselves.
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