Just a thought that crossed my mind.

Hello forums. So, a thought crossed my mind. Before the season end i received a well deserved chat restriction and I have since somewhat reformed (last checkpoint before honor 2) But ever since the preseason started i have been reporting more players for both griefing and verbal abuse, and received Alot more instant feedback reports on the client. (note that i only play ranked) So i was really wondering.. From where does the "its preseason so ranked doesnt matter" mentality come from? You still gain and lose mmr. And from what riot has said in the season 9 posts and vlogs, we aren't getting any Hard or soft mmr resets at season start like we have previously (even tho we need one) meaning that every bit of mmr you get now is gonna affect where you get placed next season.. I just really dont get where the mentality comes from and why People have to become more toxic just because the official season is over. If ranked didnt matter i would personally believe that the queue would be locked until the season start... But maybe thats just me.. Whats your thoughts guys? This isnt meant as a trashtalk post, i just want to start a discussion.
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