AFK in ranked - a solution?

Please read the whole post before jumping in reply! You know the story, you need one game to reach promos or you need one win to get promoted and you join the game to find that someone goes afk after 3 minutes. Your team tilts, everything goes wrong, their laner roams everywhere, you lose. The threads I have seen about why do people not get a loss prevented when someone goes afk usually get answered by the same 'it'll be abused by premades'. So..... **Can the server/client tell who disconnected, in terms of if they were premade or not?** E.g. I play with a friend. We go botlane together. Top disconnects after 3 minutes. Server checks premade status (surely if they matchmake into premade lobbies, they can tell who joined the lobby together?) and gives loss prevented for everyone that IS NOT premade with them. The AFK should get the usual penalty, they lose lp, reports etc. _**Could this be abused?**_ In my very limited knowledge, no. But only if the system could actually work like this. **What if someone is happy to take the fall?** Then surely their mindset would have made your ranked experience worse in the first place. Personally I would never leave a game to give others a loss prevented, because I would still be losing LP myself. **What about going AFK right at the end of the game?** This should only apply if the game has been played for a significant amount of time with an AFK. Either from the start 0-10 Or for a period of 10-15minutes. I don't know. If they come back sooner, no loss prevented. I really want to know if people have thought of other solutions to something I see as a handicap with no real way of working around. The only answers I see are: **'well that's ranked'.** No, I signed up for 5v5 ranked. Not 4v5. Why should I start with a handicap and yet lose the same. They matchmake to similar mmr. So the numbers should be equal - always. **It could be abused.** Already covered this I think but I am genuinely interested to see what the other pitfalls are from another point of view. Thanks for reading and please post any ideas/concepts below. I am actually wanting to know a genuine reason as to why something isn't already in place for AFK's in this. Bearclaw
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