Recurring trolls in ranked games and riot's policy

Hey everyone, So I just "played" a solo queue "game" where we had a guy who bought no items, suicided twice after moving in a bot-like fashion (he moved towards enemies only as soon as they were in his proximity and moved straight to the turret at the start of the game) and then disconnected, reconnected and then disconnected again. While such an extreme example of a 4v5 game isn't common, it does happen a lot more than it used to and I'm starting to question riot's ban related decision-making policy. How can so many people who ruin games for 9 other people exist so much? It could be people who trash talk, people who refuse to work with you simply because they don't like your champion of choice and tons of other kinds that just make it hard to enjoy the game. I'd love to hear riot's most recent thoughts on this. I don't mind playing with a team that isn't skilled or doesn't do well, heck who am I to judge if someone's *trying* to win but isn't adequate? But this sort of thing has to stop, it's not fun for anyone, winning or losing side. On a side-note, has anyone else met any people who seemed to be moving in a bot-like way?
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