This Last Month Silver Has Become The New Elo Hell

something has gone real bad in silver division this last month. i have been silver for 2 years (i have been playing for 2 years). but this last month, people seems to be really indifferent to game. all garen players carry games, people try to do baron when enemy team is all alive, no one bothers to do dragons, warding is just a memory. i have always been loosing games and i never tought of blaming the comunity because i have always knew that im the part of the cause of loosing. but those days, its just impossible to solo carry your way into higher leagues because you get matched with people who should be playing normals to get used to with game mechanics. i dont understand why did that happen but i have an idea that as summer is live, more people is returining to the game and lots of placements being done to silver legues. but game in silver is just unplayable right now. i wanna hear people's opinions about this.
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