Why are all ADC mains such toxic shits?

Okey i am a supp main starting in sesson 3 look my adc can say "Thanks for hook blitz" or something like that BUT everytime i say ward baron becuse i was dead or something "You are support you can fucking buy it" In all chat "HAHAHAH Blitz wants us to buy wards :P" another example can someone help me take a way there vison? like upgrade to sweeper? Nope you are supp you have sweeper but i have can someone else buy it? no i want ward okey well i AND why do NO BODY ever fucking say that the supps did anything it seems that the only roles that can do anything is ADC MID TOP junglers and supps only feed and and only a ward walking around Kappa (Not all ADC mains are toxic but the maiortys are toxic shits i know everyones gonna say "i am adc main and i all ways is a good non-toxic person" but please you cant say that some ppl here in the bot are toxic well if you REALLY are a non-toxic adc and on EUNE Add me:Kalle02
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