My ranked experience as Shen main Gold2

Im playing ranked since 2-3 years achieving my goal reaching gold at season 6. I was always notice how the trolls, the smurfs and the casual players trying to envolve. It depends by the new or reworked champs , the rift changes and the new items that constantly coming out. My point is that for some majority of the league maybe like those change, some people not and some other people having fun despite their many losses. Im actually happy that League of legends is constantly envolving with those changes , but the biggest majority of the league players trying to not go casual, they fear being casual and they have only their eyes on the prize and not having fun. They see League as a challenge and not as a fun game. Those casual players that are forced to tryhard on each game , are losing their freedom of playing what they love mostly and instead they playing something that fits with the meta. Its not a bad thing to be a casual or bad player to play a game, but mostly for fun and the League players forgot what supposed to mean the word "fun" I did not shame that i was bronze at season 4 or silver at season 5 (besides, people did not care too much in those seasons). Having fun also is a great way to win your games, ignoring deffeats and toxic teammates (but it is not nessesary to have fun feeding with final KDA 0/11/2 because thats too much and you ruin the fun for the others too) and ignoring the meta. That makes you a better player and thats how i believe you learn playing League better. Ignoring those micro problems makes you better and better until you have fully learn the champion that you love playing with and the League has many champions. Besides the rank doesnt matter too. For example i was in promos for plat 5. I had a blitz that continusly was missing hooks. I was his adc. I was raging at him so much and i could not stop writing and spamming. I was calling him boosted and... yea, boosted . I took a break washing my face with water . I looked in the mirror and i said "that wasnt me. that was another person that did the flame" Despite tha being bad at blitz but higher elo, i considered that ranks doesnt matter and they do not tell the true about how skilled are you on League. After that game i had many losses , i got demoted to gold 2, my mmr went bad and my good performance went into a trash performance but still it wasnt me. Even you are the best and the most skilled player in the whole game, you will still gonna lose. Im telling those things so no one of you guys do the same mistakes with me. Be always chill. Dont look the fancy prizes. Have fun with friends and dont listen the other opinions. If you love the champ that you play but you "believe" that you are bad at him because some random people told you "he is not meta" or "you suck, stay at silver" , IGNORE THEM and continue playing what you like . League is for all and not for the tryhards-Pros only. Dont do the same mistake that i did (but as i said before , try to not feed so much :] ) Aprecciate your time for reading this {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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