Automate the honor system

Switch it up and automate it so it gives out 2 - 4 honors, and players have no say in who gets it, this is not coming from a tilted player or salt over losing my last game, because it was 100% enjoyable throughout the entire game, both sides behaving extremely well with the odd fun comment, and some great back and forth. _Enemy Caitlyn actually asked post-game why I didn't get honored for play and behavior, but people rarely honor anyone if it's a lost game_ Suggestion is as following how it should work: * Behavior from both lobbies and the game (Positive = 1 point, negative = -1 point, silent = 0 point) * Team contribution from vision (obviously there needs to be a threshold so a support isn't automatically winning the point) 15 trinket + vision counts = 1 point * Taking or assisting on objectives (Both granting 1 point) I've tried looking at it from a team oriented and healthy PoV so as to promote team effort, so the final piece of the puzzle would be that such a system grants either 1 or 2 honor to **each** team. You'd need at least 5 - 6 points to qualify for a potential honor from the system, if several or all players are equal the system should randomly assign the honor to a player.
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