How do i get my account back? (Read before commenting please...)

So, that last some months i was getting random e-mails from Riot games of someone requesting a password change on my account? So 1 day i just randomly logged into League of Legends real quick to check it out, then i suddenly got a message that my account has been logged into from a different computer??? Well, and today on 05:45 GMT +1 i got a message that my account has been suspended, the first e-mail said i got suspended till February 22 22:22:22 and the second e-mail told me my account got suspended forever... But the problem is, i haven't used my account in a week and i think it's because that guy that hacked my account used hacks on it, i'm not sure myself, but i haven't used hacks in any ways and i would be really upset if i couldn't get it back... Thx for reading my story, i really hope you guys could help me...
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