Unlogical ban

im mid main,was in promos for s4 and i wanted to play mid,i got top and i got matched against too OP pantheon and was killed 2 times,while my mid was feeding 0/9,if i was mid i would totally win,but no,riot let unskilled players play their main postion they will feed no matter what while me WHO LITTERALLY WINS EVERY SINGLE LANING PHASE I GET FUCKING TOP,LIKE RIOT PLEASE REMAKE THAT SYSTEM SO PROS ALWAYS GET MAIN POSTIONS WHILE NOOBS GET SECONDARY CUS THEY WILL FEED IN BOTH.I GOT ANGRY AND SAID 4-5 BAD WORDS AND BAN WHILE FUCKING DIANA CAN KEEP FEEDING EVERY GAME AND FUCKING UP OTHER PROMOS.DO YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY RIOT?PROVE ME WRONG AND REMAKE THAT SHIT SYSTEM. updeit:srsly guys why so much hate i just got angry this generation instead of calming down ppl u just trigger them to death lol
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