got demoted back to s4 for the 3rd time because of trolls and AFKers

Honestly, I had enough of this game like what the %%%% is happening to me? Silver elo is alot more worse than bronze honestly, hardstuck in silver 3 not cuz I suck or anything. Games that are winnable and where I usually carry gone into waste and underserved victory for the enemy team. How's that? The %%%%ing trolls I get dropped with, last game I played, our Jax literally left in the middle of the game. We had the game but as soon as we threw, we lost it. Also had a garen in my team inted as soon as he died in early game, went to our bot lane and hardcore fed everyone basically, ruined our winrate. To be honest, I just wanna have fun and at least reach the objectives that I've set which is climbing to gold but I swear to god whenever I play a ranked game, there has to be a toxic kid who basically ruins the whole game for us. It has become rare for me to play a normal freakin game in solo / duo ranked games which is pretty much %%%%ed up. League of Legends is probably the best game I've ever played since 2011 but honestly not anymore, the community is full of toxicity and troll. And whenever I try to quit the game it sucks me back to it. I don't really know what to do nowadays, planning to get out of this elo ASAP but there's alot of obstructions though. I just got demoted back to silver 4 today, not even once but three times already.
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